Ingredients (Brands): products are shipped directly from Korea, brands are carefully selected, widely loved by K-pop celebrities such as BTS, SUZY, SungKyung Lee, known for their distinctive styles and established designs.


What’s different? Fine Quality & Design that makes you stand out naturally.

clothes produced in Korea are well-known for their high quality. Depending on these consumer and industrial characteristics, Korean brands naturally make clothes with fine quality designs that cannot be compared to global SPA brands, and their clothes are worn by all classes from KPOP stars to the general public.


South Korean brand owned and designed by Chan Kim was established in 2013. The brand started from basic designers from the Korean street culture and revisited and reimagined its distinctive style by every season. Many well-known celebrities have been wearing CHANCECHANCE products such as BTS, Shinee, BTOB and foreign influencers such as Leo Mandella have worn CHANCECHANCE products.


BRAND NOMINATE is a comfortable and Classy fashion brand launched by a designer who used to be in the luxury brand business in Milan Italy since 2014. The brand purses unique and practical fashion and does a design which makes people stand out clearly.


MARYMOND is a lifestyle brand that shoes Storie of human dignity through their products, content, and community. Designs reflect its mission to highlight the unique and intrinsic value of each and every life. MARYMOND uses almond tree pattern that symbolizes hopes to help victims of child abuse and victims of ‘Military Sexual Slavery by Japan’. MARYMOND plans to continue to create designs that represent their efforts to highlight stories of human dignity.         


YUPPE MEANS ‘ SURROUNDINGS’, ‘NEXT TO you’. The brand wants to deliver ‘You are not alone’ for every season. The brand has a strong customer target. The brand delivered products for women in their 20s.  The brand specializes in delivering perfect clothing for women in their 20s with a feminine silhouette, bright-pastel colors. Many celebrities have been wearing their clothing not only in TV shows but also outside of work that shows it is a brands message ‘next to you’
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A brand established in 2018 by designers of furniture, product design, and fashion design. The brand that romanticizes the concept of ‘imperfection’. The brand believes ‘imperfection’ differentiates humans from Artificial technology and is also the key to ‘Creative Design’. Members of the brand collaborate with diverse perspectives and create clothing that is practical for their daily life and works life. no(ai) also plans to become the platform to support artists and wants to collaborate with them. Each collection is presented with an imperfection theme with a new artist collaborating.