We’re here to hack the SEA’s millennials with the best KOREAN VIBES

The founders have believed that there were much young artist and brands in the world that has so much potential. They wanted to launch not just a brand but create a platform that gives opportunities to fashion brands to become more globalized. ONDO is the first project to give the chance for Korean brands to expand to South East Asia where there is a big market that hasn’t been elevated yet. They believed there is much more value in Korean brands just than the K-pop or Korean drama culture and wanted the brands to get more legit recognition as an established fashion brand.



ONDO store is the platform that introduces unique Korean brands that have already established their solid positions in Seoul.

Korean designer brands with diverse designs offer everyone in their 10s and 20s at reasonable prices, from comfortable daily styles to stars.


  • SEA millennials: We ship Korean culture to SEA. Supported by local (SG) Investment & a global team of millennials
  • Korean lifestyle & culture: We ship Korean culture that we feel worth spreading. The best Korean Vibes & the top brands trending in KR / Korean gov backed / K-celebrity founded culture spots
  • with top NYC fashion industry vibes: Show & Popups & Events


  • Empowering young artists, brands to go global.
  • Making K-Culture more accessible.



we believe in youth empowerment; supporting your dreams and personal development; and the power of lifestyle inspirations


The aim of ONDO store is to help share the growth of the culture and fashion and push the boundaries for people to easily access the trend in Seoul.